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5 Essential Upgrades Every Boondocking RV Needs

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If you hope to spend time boondocking, consider making some of these upgrades. You’ll be able to increase your self-reliance and even extend your time enjoying some off-grid camping. Let’s get started!

1. Solar Power

Harnessing power from the sun can be an incredible way to keep your RV batteries charged. Solar panels can pull power from the sun and send it to your battery bank, whether you’re traveling down the highway or sitting at a campsite. Depending on the size and amount of panels you’re using, this can give your battery bank tremendous power.

One of the benefits of solar power is that it’s silent. If you’ve ever had to put up with the hum of a noisy generator while camping, you know how annoying they can be. Enjoying the sound of silence and the nature around you is worth the investment.

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2. Lithium Batteries and Inverter

The batteries that come in most RVs (lead-acid) are practically worthless when it comes to a boondocking RV. They’re great for most RVers who spend most of their time in campgrounds and rarely use their RV when it’s not plugged into a power source.

However, if you want to do some serious boondocking, you should upgrade to lithium batteries. These batteries can pack about twice the amount of power in roughly half the weight. And they usually charge much faster than a standard lead-acid battery. This allows you to limit the time you run a generator or be less dependent on a full day of sun.

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While you’re upgrading your lithium batteries, we recommend installing an inverter. An inverter will invert your 12V DC power to 120V AC power. This allows you to use electrical outlets to power TVs, charge laptops and other devices, and even use your microwave. This is another game-changing upgrade for many boondocking RVers.


3. Cell Signal Booster

Many adventurers choose to take advantage of their ability to work and learn remotely and hit the road to travel. Even if staying connected isn’t essential for you, it’s still nice to check in with friends and family during your adventures. Sadly, some of the best RV boondocking spots are very remote and may have limited cell signals.

A cell signal booster can enhance the signal from nearby cell towers. It can’t create a signal if there’s no signal present. However, a high-quality unit can turn a lousy signal into a usable signal in some cases. This increases where you can camp and allows you to camp in locations that might not be possible for others without a booster.

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4. Get Portable Water Jugs or Bags

One of the most complicated parts of boondocking in an RV is managing your water usage. While this can be especially difficult when you’re new to boondocking, even experienced boondockers struggle with this from time to time. Some locations require planning and creativity to keep water in your freshwater tank.

Having portable water jugs or a water bladder can allow you to transport water from a water source to your RV. Portable water jugs are easy to carry but can take up a lot of storage space. Water bags or bladders, however, fold up and take up less space.

5. Portable Waste Water Tank

You have to manage your freshwater tank and your wastewater tanks. Having a portable wastewater tank lets you manage your wastewater without having to take your entire rig to a dump station. Because most boondocking sites are first-come, first-served, you run the risk of someone snatching your spot from you any time you leave.