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How To Protect The Lifrpo4 Battery In The Rainy Season?

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      About waterproofing. There are two main hazards of industrial equipment exposed to rain: one is that the lithium iron phosphate battery leaks due to rain and water, and the other is that the long-term moisture leads to accelerated aging and wear of the circuit, which in turn causes the battery to short-circuit or even be directly scrapped. In rainy weather, the iron-lithium battery should be placed in a higher area to avoid sudden rainstorms at night, resulting in accumulation of water, resulting in battery failure. Excessive rain and humidity will affect the service life of the battery. Therefore, basic maintenance such as moisture-proof and moisture-proof should be done to avoid short-circuit phenomenon.

     About charging. Immediately charging the lithium iron phosphate battery after the device is exposed to rain will cause a short circuit, and the circuit board will also corrode when the charger is exposed to rain. It should be dried in a ventilated place first. Before charging, check whether the battery and the connector are connected. Water, should be wiped clean or air-dried before charging to avoid leakage.

    Use it frequently. Regular use keeps the electrons in the lithium battery in a flowing state. If the battery is idle for a long time, it is necessary to complete a charging cycle for the lithium battery every three months to replenish the battery.