NEW 12V Lithium battery COMING!

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NEW 12V Lithium battery COMING!

Do you have concerns in below aspect when you purchase a battery:

1. Whether it's water proof?

2. Whether it small enough and easy for take?

3. Have good appearance and smart BMS?

4. Easy for extend?

5. Want a perfect price?

Here it comes!

1. Detachable and IP67 waterproof battery housing design.

2. Group 31 size only, 330*175*225mm, 13kg only.

3. Elegant silk print on housing instead of stickers. Built in high/low temp protection, over charge/discharge protection, multi-accuracy sensors.

4. Adopting sufficient capacity LiFePo4 cells, support 4S4P hook up use directly.

5. 1st surprise: promotion price $284/pcs. 2nd surprise: if you purchase it during the promotion month, get additional 10% off, just $249/pcs! 3rd surprise: the first 100 customers who order this model, will get the qualification to enjoy the 10% off discount for the whole year!

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